Commercial Ready-Mix Supplier

LCCI is centrally located in the Greater New Orleans area, offering ready-mix concrete services to South Louisiana. We continually strive to strategically expand based on market trends. Contractors in New Orleans can rely on LCCI for quality ready-mix concrete for their projects.

Better for Our Community

All LCCI Batching Plant facilities are constructed using cutting-edge industry designs that optimize environmental considerations. They are not only great places to work, but they also minimize our effect on the environment and the communities that host our facilities.

LCCI considers the full carbon footprint of its operations and limits its environmental impact by:

  • Sourcing & Processing of all material inputs
  • Materials Handling & Storage
  • Recycling of Materials including water
  • Efficiency of the entire Manufacturing and Delivery process

Top Technology.

Energy Efficient.

LCCI uses advanced technologies to produce high-quality, eco-friendly, and easy-to-place concrete designed to meet the needs of our customers.

LCCI Batching Plants and Storage facilities use advanced software to make equipment energy efficient and minimize dust emissions. Sensors ensure consistent concrete batching, resulting in long-lasting buildings and a variety of ready-mix options. With a focus on on-time delivery, New Orleans construction projects can benefit from this cutting-edge, environmentally friendly technology.

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