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What to Consider When Ordering Concrete

LCCI is only a Concrete Ready-Mix provider. You will need to hire a crew to do your formwork and finishing. There are several concrete subcontractors that use our concrete regularly – if you need a suggestion please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

  • Forms of Payment: We can accept checks, money orders, ACH or credit cards (for a fee) prior to the pour. We do not accept cash.

  • Access: Please make sure that the concrete delivery trucks can easily access the pour location.

  • Safety: Check for electrical, phone and cable wires. Tree Branches and landscaping, mailboxes, fences, or any other site obstructions. Septic Tanks or any soft ground conditions.

  • Placement:

    • Will you be able to tailgate, or deliver the concrete straight from the chute at the back of the truck?

    • Will you need to wheelbarrow the concrete from the spot where the truck will be parked to your pour?

    • Will you need to pump the concrete in hoses to get it to your pour, in which case you will need to hire a concrete pump?

Concrete Calculator

To schedule your Delivery, we will need the following:

  • Your name, address and phone number (important)

  • The amount of concrete you will need and what it will be used for (so we can know what mix design to provide you)

  • The date and time you would like our first truck to arrive at your site

  • The time spacing between trucks, if the order is larger than 10 CY

  • Your method of payment

Commercial Concrete

Residential Concrete

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