Preferred Partners

Intrastate Trucking I LLC (“IST”)

IST was formed in 2018 as an independent ready mix transportation services business. We use cutting-edge technology to provide safe and efficient delivery of ready mix concrete from point A to point B for our customers.

All trucks utilize VERIFI® an in-transit concrete management system, which provides a complete solution to delivering a highly workable, high-quality concrete to the job site – consistently and reliably.

The VERIFI® in-transit concrete management system continuously monitors and reports on the truck delivery phase and concrete properties. When concrete slump is not on target, VERIFI® makes the necessary adjustment by adding the precise quantity of water or admixtures.

All trucks have state-of-the-art DriveCam® by Lytx, which provide forward and rear facing AI enabled dash cams. These highly technical cameras ensure we are among the safest truck operators on the road at all times.

Gulf Cement Transport (“GCT”)

Industry leading cement trucking company

Gulf Aggregates Transport (“GAT”)

Leader in sand, gravel and other aggregate materials hauling solutions

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